Moving Missions Forward

Organizations count on Dalo Shipping to deliver their government, humanitarian, and military missions. We treat every consignment personally, giving you the confidence that no matter how far the journey, Dalo Shipping is always there.

Government, Humanitarian and Military Logistics

For nearly two decades, Government & Military clients have relied on the Dalo Group to transport cargo across some of the most austere environments around the world.

Global Auto Transportation

We offer multiple services to ship vehicles of every kind to another state or another country.

Accredited Ocean Freight Forwarding

As an OTI FMC accredited freight forwarder, we are the experts in ocean freight. Our freight management, logistics, and customs brokerage services ensure reliable service and competitive prices.

Inland trucking in Turkey and Iraq

Dalo Shipping moves cargo into and out of some of the most challenging environments in the world for government & military clients. Our valet shipping service delivers whatever you need right to where you need it.

Keep your mission moving forward.

Dalo Shipping offers straightforward freight forwarding solutions for domestic and international shipments. To contact us, either fill out the form, or call us at +1 703-975-6007.

Government & Military Logistics

Kirkuk, Iraq

Keeping Our Troops on the Move

For five years, Dalo Group was trusted to deliver 97 vehicles—from nimble SUVs to bulky 34 passenger buses—to Kirkuk Air Base within 48-hours’ notice for our DoD clients.