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Our people have done every job there is in shipping. We’ve driven the trucks, stuffed the containers, managed global supply chains, and built an NVOCC accredited shipping company that customers depend on from docket to delivery.

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What was the first thing you shipped?

We got our start shipping cars internationally. That’s how we developed our knowledge in freight forwarding, logistics, and global supply chains. We picked up a number of customers quite quickly, and the business grew from there.

When did you start Dalo Shipping?

April 2019. Our COO was in the shipping business for about 10 years before he was introduced to Amer Ameen, the CEO of Dalo Group. Soon after, we decided to start Dalo Shipping as a freight forwarding company. Amer has been an invaluable resource in helping set and expand the business.

How can people reach you?

They can call us at (703) 975-6007, or email our COO at We’re always there if you’ve got questions when something needs shipping.

How much business do you do now as a freight forwarder?

When we started, we were only shipping a few cars a month. Today, we have automotive, ocean freight, and ground transportation services. We move almost 1,500 cars a month for people around the world. And shift about 250 containers a month overseas—which include cars and other commodities.

Where is Dalo Shipping based?

Our headquarters are in Stafford, Virginia. We’re actually about to open a warehouse facility there. It will have capacity for 600 vehicles along with space for auto parts and other commodities. We also have locations in Mersin, Turkey and Ebril, Iraq, where we have an extensive network of inland trucking capabilities.

Dalo Shipping is known for great customer service. Why is that?

If we were the customer, we would want our freight forwarder to treat our delivery as if their own valuables were inside. So that’s what we do. When we work with people they know they’re working with us. Because we always follow up and let them know what’s happening.

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